Iran Gelatin Capsule Mfg Co. Registered under number 1156 Iran Gelatin Capsule mfg Co. started operation in 1997, making use of six fully automatic production lines as well as production & control equipment together with Competent specialists. The Co. has developed ( on year 2002 & 2009 ) the production lines by making use of 10 fully- equipped production lines corresponding to most advanced know-how of technology and control in pharmaceutical -capsule production industry by cooperation of Technophar Equipment And Service Co. from Canada. At present, Co.’s annual capacity is 5.0 billion capsules in different sizes. Production of pharmaceutical empty hard gelatin capsules is one of the most specialty cases of pharmaceutical industry due to unique particulars and standard, which should strictly be observed. In order to produce a proper and acceptable product, the producer should strictly observe physical and chemical parameters as well as quality principles of pharmaceutical industry. Our major and important goals are satisfaction of the customers’ demands as well as high quality production while taking into consideration all GMP principles.

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